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GHC Reading Club

Curated, Relevant Books

Our Reading Club would provide curated and highly relevant books for kids across the four age groups delivered monthly to your homes. You would receive 4 books every month under the subscription

Community Events

We would be hosting events/meetups for kids to socialise with each other in offline settings across all of our areas/localities.

Buy books you like

In case your child likes a book enough to want to purchase it, you can have the book at a special disounted price

Small Groups

Given we intend to work personally with our parents in the development of reading skill, we would be restricting our group sizes to 25 in each locality for every age group.

Conscious, thematic reading

We would be following a specific theme every month to increase consciousness around important aspects like family, nature, animals, emotions etc

Book Summary contests

We would be regularly expecting entries from our kids' with book summaries, video and audio notes with exciting prizes to keep the kids engaged in the process of learning. 

Join our Waitlist

Like what you see? Get in touch to learn more.

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Reading Club Waitlist
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