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The Journey of Good Habits

Updated: May 31, 2022

The Background story of Good-Habits Club

Parenting is hard. There are many books and manuals written about this but we all know that it is an extremely personal, excruciatingly hard and unbelievably difficult path to becoming a good parent. The initial idea of Good Habits Club is our attempt to create a minor dent in the process of trying to inculcate Good Habits in kids through responsible and community-driven parenting. We intend to build smaller clusters of conscious parents across various parts of India to collaborate in the learning process of their children and we intend to work with smaller groups of kids and parents across various geographies in a hybrid world to help in the process.

Our first good-habit initiative is all about reading. There is enough scientific evidence linking early reading habits to be directly i for creating smarter and better-informed adults as they go through the journey of life. Under this first initiative, we are starting with a small-group reading subscription across 4 age groups (6 - 36 months, 3-7, 7-12 and 12-16 years) wherein specially curated books around special, essential age-appropriate topics will be sent to each of the kids with special contests/ learning outcomes etc evaluated to help every kid in the group develop their reading and comprehension skill and also hone it through video book summaries, interactive sessions with fellow students, meetings with literary experts as also physical meet ups in various areas to ensure "Reading becomes an essential part of their existence". In case you have made it this far, we believe you are as interested in the mission as we are. Please do join the waitlist at the earliest with basic details as we would be introducing this on a first-come first-serve basis to 25 kids in each age group within a locality. Looking forward to having you join us on the journey ahead.

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