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Stories behind iconic Books: #3 The Famous Five

In this section, we would try to bring out interesting, lesser-known details behind iconic stories and books for kids

Blyton intended to write only six or eight books in the series, but owing to their high sales and immense commercial success she went on to write twenty-one full-length Famous Five novels, as well as a number of other series in similar style following groups of children discovering crime on holiday in the countryside.

By the end of 1953, more than six million copies had been sold. Today, more than two million copies of the books are sold each year, making them one of the best-selling series for children ever written, with total sales over a hundred million.

Blyton's publisher, Hodder & Stoughton, first used the term "The Famous Five" in 1951, after nine books in the series had been published. Before this, the series was referred to as The 'Fives' Books.

A set of five commemorative postage stamps were issued in 1997 (picture above)


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